Monday, February 19, 2007

Cape Cod Restaurant Review: Palio Pizzeria - best pizza on mid-Cape

We spent the long weekend in the Cape as we usually do in off season, working on our vacation rental homes (as is also usual :). This time it was finishing up painting of the living room in Bayview Getaway (it came out a lovely soft taupe color, with the kitchen backsplash and the backwall of the staircase a color of milk chocolate).

On the way off the Cape, we decided to stop for a late lunch. I had a thing for Italian but Alberto's on Main St seemed to be a bit of an overkill for a quick lunch, so we compromised on Palio Pizzeria. I have enjoyed their pizza in the summer - love the fact that one can sit outside, enjoying the pizza and a glass of nice Chianti, but was not sure they would be open in February. Not to worry - the restaurant was open and food was excellent as usual.

This Cape Cod restaurant is a great place if you are a fan of thin crust pizza - the pizzas are imaginative, well prepared, huge (small is 14", large is 18"), priced in a very wallet friendly fashion ($12.50 for small, $14.50 for large) and the service is always friendly.

The complete menu can be found here:

Palio Pizzeria Menu

I have seen consistently good reviews for this restaurant on Chowhound and various area dining guides, so our positive experiences (we have eaten there 5 times so far) seem to be a rule, not an exception.

The location is particularly convenient if you are planning to take your kids to Ryan Family Amusement Arcade on Main St, or board one of the Duck Tours amphibian vehicles for 2 hours of fun - this Cape Cod restaurant is located right next door to these recreation options, and across from JFK Museum.

Palio Pizzeria is located at 435 Main Street in Hyannis, about a mile from our West Yarmouth vacation homes (you can walk by taking Bayview, cutting through hospital parking lot by taking Park St, and taking a left on Main St), and 2.2 miles from our Hyannis port vacation rental home (Old Town to Craigville Beach to Scudder to South St to Pearl St to Main St.).

Palio Pizzeria delivers, so if you are staying in the area and want an excellent pizza but do not want to bother leaving the home, call them up at 508-771-7004.

Cape Cod Restaurant Review: Grand Cru Wine Bar - Ambience and wine

We visited Grand Cru Wine and Bar recently... It is not one of our usual restaurants on Cape Cod, as I dislike fighting the traffic on Rt 132. I am also usually not too keen on the idea of dining inside a hotel (Cape Codder Resort and Spa)... However, if one gets past these drawbacks, the Grand Cru Wine and Bar is well worth the visit if you are after the mellow athmosphere, soft jazz music and a good selection of wines by the bottle. The complete menu can be found here:

I have greatly enjoyed garlic bread, lobster bisque (am usually not hugely fond of lobster as I find it lacking in flavor but this was truly truly good) and steak delmonico, thoroughly to die for. It was full of juicy flavor, done exactly as requested (medium rare) and accompanied by excellent mashed potatoes.

Chuck has ordered steak au poivre and found it measuring up 'tre bien' to his gold standard of steak au poivre as served in Le Troumilou in Paris :)

We have sampled both Viogner and Zinfandel at this Cape Cod restaurant (on 2 different occasions) and found both to be very satisfactory. The price of wine by glass or bottle is reasonable ($6-10/glass, $26-44 bottle).

1225 Iyanough Rd.
Route 132 & Bearse's Way
Hyannis, MA 02601
Local: (508) 771-3000
Toll Free: (888) 297-2200

This Cape Cod restaurant is located 3.3 miles away from our Hyannisport Hideaway vacation rental home (Old Town to Craigville Beach Rd to Pitchers to Rt 132) and 2.8 miles from Lewis Bay Retreat and Bayview Getaway vacation rental homes (Bayview to Camp to Rt 132).

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cape Cod Restaurant Review: Brazillian Grill - where if you are not rolled out in wheelbarrow, you have not dined

The Brazillian Grill - where if you are not rolled out in wheelbarrow, you have not dined

We love The Brazillian Grill in Hyannis (Main St)! And it would appear so does the rest of Cape Cod permanent population - do not, I repeat, do NOT, attempt just to show on a Saturday evening at this Cape Cod restaurant, blissfully assuming that the middle of February is no time for reservations. Reservations are essential on a weekend night, no matter time of the year. I suspect that in the middle of summer one has to reserve on weekdays as well.

Why, would you ask, would you brave the crowd, the elements and snag a reservation at The Brazillian Grill? The quality and the variety of food is quite exceptional, and it is matched by a very reasonable price. We consider this Cape Cod restaurant to be an excellent value for money - provided you can get in :)

This Cape Cod restaurant specializes in churrasco - a variety of barbecued meats, that are brought out on rotating basis and are served until the patron screams for mercy. The usual variety includes various steak cuts (New York, flank, etc), lamb and beef ribs, salmon, pork loin, chicken wings, various sausages, filet mignon wrapped in bacon...

The unlimited meat bonanza is matched by a buffet bar that serves a fantastic variety of well prepared foods: from green salads to marinated olives, from sushi to jalapeno peppers, from mashed potatoes to steamed fish. There's usually a chicken dish and an offering of braised beef ribs, collard greens soup, butternuts squash bisque and a clam chowder on offer. Several varieties of olives and at least 10 different varieties of cheese and smoked meats.

The full buffet with meat costs $22, and the buffet without meat is $15. The dessert list has a number of interesting options, from flan to an excellent chocolate cake, all running $4-6. There is a full bar, with a number of Brazillian cocktail options (caipirinha, etc).

The wine list is varied, with a strong emphasis on Portuguese and South American wines. There are several options by the glass, about $5-7 per a genereous glass.

All in all this Cape Cod restaurant is a great value for money and its popularity is well deserved. The athmosphere is jovial but it does not feel overcrowded. There's no parking lot but there's street parking in front of the restaurant.

This Cape Cod restaurant is located about 1.7 miles away from 2 of our Cape Cod vacation homes in West Yarmouth (take Bayview to Main) and 2 miles from our Hyannisport vacation home (Old Town to Scudder to North Main to Main).

Our favorite Cape Cod restaurant has been well reviewed - below are links to reviews on TripAdvisor, Fodors and Cape Dining Out Guide.

TripAdvisor Reviews

Fodor's Review

Cape Dining Guide

680 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601-5413
: (508) 771-0109